How to treat customers

Updated: Feb 4

by Paula Anderson

One of the hallmarks for a successful business owner is how well you treat customers. Prior to the pandemic, customers have always wanted to receive a quality product along with a quality service. Due to the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, some business industries have had to regroup and think about customer service in a new way.


Understanding the customer's needs and wants are crucial for repeat business. Every customer wants a great experience. The course on the Customer Experience focuses on how to retain and get new customers.

Courtesy photo of Alicia Hill

Alicia Hill is the facilitator for this course. It is approved for 1 CE. It covers how to treat your customers although you may have to make adjustments. Hill has a master's degree in business administration and is a former corporate leader in marketing. She has close to 20 years combined in leadership experience in leading, marketing, and sales. Each of these components are key elements in customer experience.

"The purpose of your business is to create customers who create customers," said Hill. In this class, you will learn the importance of "best compliment is a referral."

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