Licensed massage therapist: Emma Crystal

Updated: Mar 14

by Paula Anderson

Pursuing a career in massage therapy was not the first career path for Emma Crystal, founder of Memphis Massage Masters.

“Before becoming a massage therapist, I was a dancer and I used massage therapy to help with pain,” said Crystal.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in dance education, but other work experiences shifted her towards a career in massage therapy.

Courtesy photo of Emma Crystal

A former employer wanted to mandate that she take a flu shot, stated Crystal. As a result, she decided to leave that job and filed for unemployment. According to Crystal, she was awarded back pay and that paid for her massage therapy education.

Since that time, she has been using massage therapy modalities to help clients.

Her practice focuses on the shiatsu massage, which uses rhythmic pressure according to the article.

“People want massage therapy for pain relief and this helps to disburse pain and get things flowing,” said Crystal.

COVID-19 impacted non-essential business owners and during this time period Crystal went two months without income.

As businesses began to re-open, she worked to make sure areas are disinfected and are in compliance with the state guidelines.

She continues to work with clients one-on-one and allows a 30 minute break between each client.

“Massage therapy is a "moment of respite and to focus only on you," said Crystal.

To learn more about Memphis Massage Masters, contact Emma Crystal at 901-335-7915.

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