Non-clinical continuing education in-person training (April 11)

Paula Anderson Coaching and Consulting (™),LLC is offering in-person courses for licensed massage therapists on communication strategy, customer experience and introduction to reflexology. The courses will be held on April 11 from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at 1331 Union Avenue, 10th floor. Three continuing education hours will be awarded.

Paula Anderson, founder of PACC said, "Our goal is to offer a non-clinical continuing education course to help licensed massage therapists (LMT) to develop a communication plan."

The Communication Strategy course covers identifying your target audience, selecting the right communication channels and creating communication messages."

The Introduction to Reflexology course covers the basic pressure points for reflexology and the benefits of reflexology.

Mia Earl, certified registered reflexologist, facilitates the course and is a practicing reflexologist in Memphis, Tenn.

According to the Reflexology Association of America website, reflexology is "an integrative health practice, maps a reflection of the body predominantly on the feet, hands and outer ears. It uses unique manual techniques to deliver pressure to neural pathways assisting the body to function optimally."

"While people think reflexology is a foot massage, reflexology is quite different. It is not a massage and is not limited to just the feet," said Mia Earl.

Understanding the customer's needs and wants are crucial for repeat business. Every customer wants a great experience. The course on Customer Experience focuses on how to retain and get new customers.

Alicia Hill, consultant and facilitator, facilitates this course. “The purpose of your business is to create customers who create customers," said Hill. In this class, you will learn the importance of the "best compliment is a referral."

To register, click here.

All courses are approved with Tennessee Massage Therapy Board.

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