Personal finance challenges

By Paula Anderson

In 2021, I created a vision board to track my credit score. At the end of each month, I check my score and post it on the board. Over the last two years, I have been intentional about increasing my score, so I can apply for more capital. One of the challenges that I faced early in my entrepreneurial journey, is not having a high credit score. My personal finance challenges limited my ability to get a loan and it also hindered me in other areas. Therefore, I invested my own money into my business ventures.

As a business owner, your personal credit score is going to be the first thing that a lender considers. I worked with a financial coach on a monthly basis to help me stay focused and that served as an accountability partner. Over the years, I have attended workshops and seminars through various programs. However, the monthly sessions gave me an opportunity to share my goals and get feedback.

Two of the goals on the vision board are to reduce my credit card balance by 50 percent and to generate a minimum of $500.00 per month.


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